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Tuesday January 16 2018 

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Basketball in Britain
Jun 17, 2012, 4:16 pm


A second meeting of the English, Scottish, Welsh and British Basketball Boards took place in Birmingham on Saturday 21 April. The main purpose was to review and discuss proposals prepared by the British Basketball Federation Governance Project Team on the future governance of the sport in Britain.


The Home Country Associations are affiliated to FIBA (the world governing body), whereas British Basketball is not. However, British Basketball has been able to operate alongside the three Home Country Associations and enter FIBA competitions since 2006 because FIBA have provided a special dispensation to enable this to happen. One of the opportunities this provided was to test whether Great Britain could field competitive teams at the Olympic Games in London. The other was for the Home Countries to review the governance of the sport in Britain so it was positioned and structured to optimise the future growth and success of the sport across Britain. The outstanding performances of both the men’s and women’s GB teams in recent years were rewarded in March 2011 with the confirmation by FIBA of their places in the 2012 Olympic tournaments. The Home Countries of England, Scotland, and Wales are now required to respond to FIBA by 30th June 2012 on whether they will return to the pre 2006 structure or whether they will choose to continue as three Home Country Associations affiliated to FIBA through a British body. If the latter option was to be preferred it would enable the special dispensation and the current structure to continue until the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. This approach will also provide time to prepare thoroughly for a transition to a revised way of working.


Against this background, the Project Team presented its proposals to the boards. They focussed on the merits of the Home Country Associations affiliating to FIBA through a British body and on what British and Home Country bodies would do after 2016.


At the conclusion of the joint meeting, all boards expressed their thanks for the work that had been done by the project team, and agreed that consultations should take place in each of the Home Countries about the proposals for the future governance of basketball in Britain. A copy of the presentation, which was reviewed by the Joint Boards meeting on 21st April, is available here. The Project Team was also asked to examine what the legal process would be to support any changes recommended by the Home Country Association Boards so that a response can be provided to FIBA by 30 June. The format of the international programmes which could be available after 2016 will also be investigated further.




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